Alpermann, A., Huber, W., Natke, U., & Willmes, K. (2010) Measurement of trained speech patterns in stuttering: Interjudge and intrajudge agreement of experts by means of modified time-interval analysis. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 35, 299-313.

Improved fluency after stuttering therapy is usually measured by the percentage of stuttered syllables. However, outcome studies rarely evaluate the use of trained speech patterns that speakers use to manage stuttering. This study investigated whether the modified time interval analysis can distinguish between trained speech patterns, fluent speech, and stuttered speech. Seventeen German experts on stuttering judged a speech sample on two occasions. Speakers of the sample were stuttering adults, who were not undergoing therapy, as well as participants in a fluency shaping and a stuttering modification therapy. Results showed satisfactory inter-judge and intra-judge agreement above 80%. Intervals with trained speech patterns were identified as consistently as stuttered and fluent intervals.We discuss limitations of the study, as well as implications of our findings for the development of training for identification of trained speech patterns and future outcome studies.

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