Natke, U., Sandrieser, P., Pietrowsky, R., & Kalveram, K.Th. (2001) Stuttering and syllabic stress in preschool children: Preliminary observations. In B. Maassen, W. Hulstijn, R. D. Kent & P. H. H. M. Van Lieshout (Eds.), Speech Motor Control in Normal and Disordered Speech. Proceedings 4th International Speech Motor Conference. Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Uitgeverij Vantilt, 258-261.

Speech samples of six preschool children who stutter were analyzed with regard to stuttering and syllabic stress. The relative stress of each syllable was rated and syllables were categorized into long and short stress, unstressed and intermediate syllables. Short stressed syllables were stuttered more often than unstressed syllables, but long stressed syllables were not stuttered more often than unstressed syllables. Intermediate syllables were stuttered most often. Results indicate that the stress effect previously found in adults is also a feature of early stuttering. As in adults, the stress effect seems to be based almost exclusively on short stressed syllables.

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