Pape-Neumann, J., Bosshardt, H. G., Natke, U., Oertle, H. (2004) Test-phase of the German program for the evaluation of stuttering therapies (PEVOS). In A. Packman, A. Meltzer & H. F. M. Peters (Eds.), Theory, Research and Therapy in Fluency Disorders. Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Fluency Disorders in Montreal, Canada. Nijmegen: Nijmegen University Press, 210-217.

On the initiative of the German self-help organisation the PEVOS program was developed to evaluate different stuttering therapies over a time period of two years after therapy. The concept was designed by a group of therapists and scientists and was tested since 2001. In the test-phase data were collected from ten therapists with 100 clients. Fluency data were obtained by telephone calls. Functional outcomes and changes in attitudes and emotions were measured with questionnaires. Results of the test-phase’s evaluation including the first two assessments will be presented, organisational problems and possible solutions will be discussed.

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