Sandrieser, P., Natke, U., Pietrowsky, R., & Kalveram, K.Th. (2001) A temporal analysis of disfluencies: Exemplary data of a stuttering and a non-stuttering child. In B. Maassen, W. Hulstijn, R. D. Kent & P. H. H. M. Van Lieshout (Eds.), Speech Motor Control in Normal and Disordered Speech. Proceedings 4th International Speech Motor Conference. Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Uitgeverij Vantilt, 266-269.

Stuttering as well as non-stuttering children show "functional disfluencies", which enable them to gain time for speech-planning. Young stuttering children show additional "stuttering-like disfluencies". There is a lack of knowledge concerning the development and interaction of these disfluencies in children. Therefore the occurrence and proportion of these disfluencies will be investigated in 24 stuttering children (aged 2.8 to 5.0) and 24 non-stuttering children. The study's method is described and data of one stuttering and one non-stuttering child are presented as an example, and discussed in view of the question whether stuttering children have a smaller proportion of functional disfluencies.

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